Match Report


TRUFC U14's v Blackburn U14's

Today the U14s were at home to Blackburn.  Since both squads were a bit light, the match was played as 14 a-side.

Tarleton’s squad: Joe, Jack, Colin, Josh, Ryan, Max, Matt, Connor Clarke, Tiago, Connor Smith, Harry, Logan, Luke McK, Calum, Kyle and Aaron

The ref blows the whistle to get us underway and Tarleton take the kick off with the ball going along the ground.  They chase well but Blackburn pick up well and run strongly.  Max is there to tackle though and Calum backs him up with another strong tackle.  Tarleton defend well and Blackburn hold possession.  Blackburn look to get through but are stopped again.  Blackburn drive well to half way.  They break off but Josh tackles the runner.  Tarleton start to fight a bit harder but give away a penalty.  Blackburn have the ball at half way but can’t make many yards.  Connor Smith makes a strong tackle, the ball goes loose but Blackburn keep possession.  They make a break but Connor is there again.  Tarleton rip the ball but Blackburn steal it back.  Tarleton finally win possession and Harry has a go, but support is a bit slow and the ball goes loose in the tackle and Blackburn have it back in their own half.  Tarleton knock on and it’s a Blackburn scrum at halfway.  Tarleton are on the runner from the scrum and stop him at the halfway line. 

Tarleton keep the defence strong and Logan drives over to win it back.  Luke takes it in but when the ball comes out the lads are getting under each other’s feet and the ball goes loose.  Tarleton knock on and Blackburn have another scrum on the halfway line.  Blackburn win the scrum well but Tarleton are on them and the pass goes loose.  Tarleton are disorganised but Blackburn aren’t much better just now.  Tarleton knock on and Blackburn have a scrum deep in their own half.  Blackburn still have possession but Max makes a strong tackle to stop them making any progess.  Tarleton are a bit slow but pin Blackburn down again, they hold the runner up but an illegal play in the ruck gives Blackburn a penalty.  Connor Clarke and Calum team up to stop a strong runner.  Blackburn sell a dummy but Josh isnt fooled and brings them down.  Blackburn  try down the wing and their runner is fast, but tarleton chase him down and Luke stops him.  Max is unlucky in his tackle but Blackburn are onyl just in Tarleton’s half.  Calum stops them well and Tarleton steal the ball.  To Aaron, to Connor to Harry but it’s a forward pass.  Blackburn take the scrum at halfway but a huge tackle by Josh stops them.   They recycle it to their winger, but Colin tackles him and Tarleton have it back – but they are offside again.  Blackburn try their winger again but he runs into Logan who stops him dead in his tracks.  Tarleton steal and Logan drives through the defence.  Support takes a while but Tarleton are there and it’s on  to Josh then Calum who makes a strong drive.  Josh recycles it to Connor to Harry to Ryan but the pass is intercepted and Ryan bundles him into touch.  Tarleton fumble the lineout to give Blackburn a scrum in their own half. 

from the lineout Blackburn pass it down the line but Max floors him.  Blackburn knock it on and tarleton take the penalty.  Josh to Harry to Ryan on the wing but it’s gone foward again.  Blackburn have a scrum 20m from their line.  They come away into Connor Smith who rips it and Luke drives well.  Tarleton to Connor S who kicks and Ryan chases it, but Blackburn pick up on their own line and Ryan is there to stop them.  Connor Smith backs him up and Blackburn are struggling.  Tarleton steal and it goes to Jack who is right on the line.  Connor Clarke comes in at speed and pops over to score.  5-0  Ryan converts nicely to make it 7-0.

10 minutes of play where Blackburn had all the possession but struggled to get into the Tarleton half and Tarleton capitalise on their chance.

Blackburn kick off and Logan picks it up cleanly.  he makes a huge run through to halfway and keeps going.  A good tackle by Blackburn and Jack is there to follow up.  Luke is there from the ruck and is close to the line.  It goes to Connor Smith to Tiago who gets to 5m out.  Logan has another go but Blackburn drive Tarleton off the ball near the line.  Blackburn kick but Ryan scoops it up and charges forward.  He is well tackled but Tiago is there and it takes 3 to stop him.  Joe passes to Logan who makes another strong drive.  Connor Smith has a go but Tarleton are in each others way.  Jack has a go and is really close but they aren’t taking it at pace and its frustrating to watch.  Logan finally comes on at pace and goes through to score.  12-0.  Another good conversion from Ryan.  14-0

Blackburn kick off and Max catches well and makes a good run.  Tarleton support well, the ball going to Connor then Calum who makes a good run.  He’s over halfway and keeps going for another 10m or so, then to Connor Smith who’s well tackled.  It goes to Matt then Ryan who’s off down the wing but Blackburn rip it as he tries to go past 10m out.  Blackburn break but Matt Smith stops them.  Blackburn win the scrum and Colin brings their winger down.  Jack comes away with it and is stopped 5m out.  It goes to Connor, then Matt then to harry on the wing who pops it down.  19-0.  Ryan converts well from the near touchline.  21-0

Blackburn kick off again and Max gets caught by the bounce.  He picks it up and gets almost to halfway.  Connor Smith tries a little kick but play is brought back for a Blackburn infringement and Connor kicks to touch just over halfway.  Tiago makes a good run but the ball goes loose in the tackle.  Blackburn have the ball from a knock on but Tarleton defend well.  Calum has a go, followed by Tiago who makes another 10m or so.  Connor has a go then passes to Matt who goes down the wing to score in the corner. 26-0.  Ryan adds the conversion to make it 28-0

Blackburn kick again and Harry picks up and makes a strong run towards halfway.  It goes to Josh then Logan and he breaks through to make another 20m or so but the ball goes loose and Blackburn have it.  Tarleton fight hard and regain possession with Josh making a run.  He passes to Harry who passes to Max who’s stopped and goes to ground.  Joe passes to Luke who juggles it but it gets knocked on almost on Blackburn’s line as the Ref blows for Half Time.


Blackburn start the second half with the kick off going along the ground but it is well picked up by Harry who attacks the line then passes to Aaron,  then it goes to Josh then Calum who makes 10m or so.  Josh passes to Tiago but the ball is ripped again on halfway.  Blackburn have possession but Josh stops them.  Tarleton come up with the ball and it goes to Max who’s stopped just in Blackburn’s half.  Logan makes another strong run down the line.  Josh goes to pass and Blackburn almost intercept but the ref had blown for a Tarleton knock on so it’s a scum for Blackburn in their half.  Connor Smith catches the Blackburn runner and Tarleton drive them back.  Blackburn keep hold but Tarleton come in from the side and give away a penalty. 

Blackburn penalty midway in their half.  They kick it but it goes sideways so they have a lineout instead…. Blackburn fumble the pass and try a kick.  Ryan scoops it up at half way and runs across the pitch before passing to Josh.  Josh makes a couple of yards but is well stopped.  Logan makes a run and takes some stopping.  Blackburn have possession after a fumbled lineout but Max stops them and Blackburn knock on.  Tarleton lose the scrum against the put in and Blackburn break away.  Logan stops the runner and Max is there to make another tackle.  Blackburn break through Tarleton’s defence but goes into touch just inside Blackburn’s half.  Connor Smith comes away but the ball breaks loose.  Blackburn come away but Ryan bundles him into touch.  Calum comes away from the lineout but the ball goes loose again.  Tiago stops the runner and Logan joins in to drive them back.  Blackburn come away and the teams are showing signs of frustration.  Tarleton steal and Connor passes to Harry.  Support arrives a bit late and Josh tries a run.  Ryan is with him and Blackburn stop Josh 10m out.  Logan picks up and drives for the line.  To Josh, to Connor who kicks to the corner.  Matt almost catches but picks up and passes to Harry and back to Matt who puts it down under the sticks.  33-0.  Ryan converts again 35-0.

Blackburn kick off and Connor picks up at the 22.  He passes to Colin who slips a bit but makes some good yards.  To Connor then to Calum then to Josh who’s through and puts it down between the posts.  40-0.  Connor misses the conversion from in front of the sticks.

Blackburn kick off again and Calum catches it well.  He’s tackled well though.  Connor makes a few yards and passes to Harry who’s stopped by the ref!.  Blackburn win the scrum but a loose pass gives Harry the ball.  He passes to Josh then to Joe.  Connor tries a kick and Kyle is unlucky not to get it.  Blackburn have a scrum in their own half.  Connor Smith stops them and Tarleton keep them up.  Connor has stolen it and it goes to Kyle but a loose pass gives it to Blackburn who break clear.  A desperate tackle by Ryan brings him down but Blackburn are only 15m out now.  With the pressure on Josh makes a strong tackle.  Tarleton then win the ball back and after a couple of phases Connor Smith kicks, Josh scoops it up and scores.  45-0  No conversion.


A much closer match than the score line suggests.  Tarleton had to work hard and for the first 10 minutes had barely any possession, although they were able to keep Blackburn in their own half.  A good team effort with some very strong runs by Logan and Calum in particular.


Photos from the game