Match Report


Wythenshaw U14's v TRUFC U14's

Today the U14s travelled to Wythenshawe for a friendly match. 

Tarleton squad: Connor Clarke, Luke McKibbon, Calum, Max, Jack, Stephen, Aaron, Tiago, Harry, Connor Smith, Matt Smith, Josh, Ryan, Joe, Kyle, Logan, Nick and Sam

The ref gets us under way with Wythenshawe kicking off. the ball is picked up from the bounce and passed to t Connor Smith then on to Ryan who races down the wing to score a try with only seconds on the clock. Ryan converts his own try and makes it 7-0.


Wythenshawe kick off again, the ball is collected by Calum who passes to Kyle, who makes it to half way then passes to Sam who makes 15m before offloading to Connor Smith who goes over the line in the corner with Ryan missing the conversion the score is 12-0.

Wythenshawe kick off, Max collects the ball makes it over the halfway line, passes to Connor Smith then iots on to Luke who carries to the opposition 22 before the ball is knocked on and its a scrum to Wythenshawe. A strong scrum by Wythenshawe sees them coma away to start an attack but they are halted by a good tackle from Luke and Tarleton turn the ball over and start an attack of their own. Max passes on to Ryan who goes through the middle, offloads to Connor who in turn passes to Matt coming in from the wing and with ball in hand scores a try under the posts with the conversion scored the score is 19-0.


Wythenshawe kick off, Sam collects the ball and runs hard making it to half way with a lot of support for the ball carrier, then a fumble puts Wythenshawe on the attack but Tarleton recover well, turn the ball over and get it through the hands. From Max the ball goes to Kyle then on to Stephen who makes a strong run back to the halfway line but the ball is lost momentarily before Wythenshawe knock on, Tarleton Scrum. From the scrum Aaron makes a good run to their 22 then its on to Luke who knocks on, Wythenshawe have the scrum on their 22. A strong Tarleton scrum sees them come away with the ball, going through the hands MAx passes to Connor then on to Matt who then passes to Ryan and he’s through and over the try line, a missed conversion makes the score 24-0

Not the best kick off from Wythenshawe Aaron collects well and goes back over halfway before passing to Max who passes on to Stephen, an offload to Jack who keeps possession and shops the ball to Calum inside Wythenshawe’s 22 before passing to Max then on Connor who chips the ball forcing a mistake from Wythenshawe who drop the ball and it goes dead resulting in a Tarleton scrum 5 meters out. Tarleton set a good base from a strong scrum which allows Jack to pick the ball up from the base and crash over the line to score. The conversion from Ryan makes the score 31-0.


Wythenshawe kick off,  collected by Luke who makes a good run then passes to Connor Clarke who goes through the defence to the opposition 22 before offloading, Tarleton keep possession and the ball is passed through the hands from Sam to Harry then on top Stephen who gets over the line to score a well worked try. With the conversion missed the score is 36-0.


Wythenshawe kick off another good pick up by Tarleton sees them get over halfway before Logan collects the ball and runs strongly through to score. Ryan’s conversion makes it 43-0


Wythenshawe kick off again and this time regain possession from the kick off attacking strongly before a great defence sees the ball carrier carried over the touch line and lose his shirt, resulting in a Tarleton Line out.

From the Line out Wythenshawe take possession with one their player making a strong run but Connor Smith puts in a great tackle on the Tarleton line preventing a certain try.

Tarleton regain possession with Calum starting a good attacking move before passing on to Matt but a loose pass sees the ball come loose and Tarleton lose ground and have to fight to keep possession before the ball goes in to touch. From the line out Kyle takes the ball and makes it over halfway but a good tackle sees him brought down close to the line before Connor Clarke collects the ball and goes over to score under the posts




Tarleton start the second half, Tarleton win a scrum and it goes to Matt then Josh who scores and a missed conversion sees the score 5-0

Withenshawe kick off, Josh collects the ball and runs back hard but a great tackle stops him in his tracks. Nick then collects the pass fromt he ruck and makes it to halfway before offloading to Sam who makes more meters before a pass out to Ryan sees him juggle the ball in hand before securing it and sprinting down the wing to score, no conversion and the score is 10-0

Withenshawe kick off the ball is collected and carried over halfway by Tarleton before Tiago receives the ball and makes a good run before passing on to Connor Clarke who  burst through the Wythenshawe defence before the ball is lost and Wythenshawe regain possession and start a strong determined attack before some great defensive work from Logan slows the attack and the next phase of play sees Joe disrupt the attack and allow Tarleton to turn the ball over.

Connor Clarke takes possession and runs strongly but a loose pass sees Wythenshawe awarded a scrum. another strong Tarleton scrum sees them win the ball against the head and once more Joe uses the good platform to take the ball and run in another try. Kyle takes over kicking duties but misses the conversion so the score is 15-0 


Wythenshawe kick off once more and Josh picks it up well and runs with purpose and pace straight through to score. kyles successful conversion makes it 22-0


Harry and Ryan then joined the Wythenshawe side to give them some inside info on the Tarleton tactics. Ryan takes the Wythenshawe kick off but it goes too long and its a Tarleton scrum  on halfway….perhaps Wythenshawe will give him back to Tarleton!

From the scrum Connor Smith comes away, Ryan makes a mends for the poor  kick off and puts in a great tackle to halt him but the ball is popped to Kyle  who crosses the line to sore and with no conversion the score is 27-0.


Wythenshawe kick off, Max collects and runs hard at the defence down the line just managing to stay in play
Max makes a strong run and just stays in play by the touchline before the ball is turned over and Wythenshawe attack. Wythenshawe run their attack well but a strong defence sees Logan and Connor team up to stop them dead. Tarleton turn the ball over and it goes to Connor then to Matt who goes down the line with Ryan in chase, but he manages to cross the line to score the try. No conversion makes the score 32-0.


From the kick off (whilst the pitch side report was otherwise engaged) Tarleton retunr the ball and score a try. Connor Clarke is now aon kicking duty but the conversion is missed and the score is 37-0.


From the Wythenshawe kick off Tarleton again collect the ball and Jack runs hard at the defence breaking through and scoring the last try of the game, with a Connor CLarke conversion the score is 44-0 as the final whistle is blown and Tarleton come out on top 



Tarleton win well against an inexperienced Wythenshawe side.  The lads played well and kept their shape whilst they went through lots of phases, kept possession well and kept a clean sheet with only one real threat.  Credit to Wythenshawe for sticking it out and putting up a good fight.














Photos from the game