Match Report


TRUFC U14's v Liverpool CollegiateU14's

Tarleton U14’s vs Liverpool Collegiate.


Tarleton kick off, Collegiate catch well and drive strongly.

Collegiate get back to halfway. Ryan makes a strong tackle Tarleton drive over and steal the ball in the ruck but it’s a penalty to Tarleton for an infringement.


Connor kicks to touch and Tarleton have a line-out 10m from the Collegiate line.

Logan makes a good run from the line-out but is well tackled. Colin goes into contact and the ball comes out cleanly for Luke, and Tarleton make it to 5m away, Connor Smith kicks to the corner and Ryan drops on it to score, 5-0 Tarleton. Ryan just misses the conversion from the far touchline.


Collegiate kick off and Logan picks up well and makes a strong drive. Matt comes away and passes to Ryan on the far wing. Tarleton are back to half way the ball goes back into Logan in the middle, but Collegiate steal in the ruck and Matt has to make a good tackle. Jack makes a cracking tackle to stop the runner and Collegiate are held in their own half but Tarleton have come around the ruck so it’s a penalty.


Collegiate run it and Logan makes another strong tackle. Hugo is tackling well but Collegiate still have possession around halfway. Tarleton are penalised for a high tackle. Collegiate kick and it’s a full line out to follow, Collegiate catch and drive but Logan brings them down. They retain possession and are up to 10m now. They keep possession through several more phases and get to 5m. They switch runners and Tarleton are defending well, but Collegiate are relentless in attack and go over to score it’s converted to make it 7-5.


Tarleton kick off. Collegiate come back strongly and a fast runner breaks away, but Matt brings him down. Collegiate are back to halfway and in possession, they keep making yards but run into the ref… then they break through the line and Tarleton can’t bring them down.


Eventually Tarleton give away a penalty for a knock on. Collegiate keep up the pressure and Tarleton eventually fold. 12-5. Converted 14-5.


Tarleton kick but are slow to chase, but the ball goes loose and Harry comes up with it. Logan goes into contact. Tarleton give away a penalty and are tardy giving Collegiate loads of room. Max makes a great tackle to bring down the runner but Collegiate have momentum again and make it 20m out or so but knock on to give Tarleton a scrum. It comes out to Connor then Matt then to Ryan on the far side, then to Harry. Jack makes a strong run from the ruck and Collegiate win a penalty. Collegiate make a strong run and Tarleton tackle too high and give away a penalty.


Collegiate kick then pack the line-out. They win well and come away and Tarleton’s tackling is sloppy. Hugo makes a good tackle and Tarleton steal. Collegiate knock on so it’s a Tarleton scrum.


Tarleton win the scrum and Nick runs in to a good tackle. It’s a another scrum for Tarleton again to Connor then to Ryan. Max comes up with the ball and makes a good drive. Tarleton are keeping possession through Connor and Logan, but Tarleton infringe and Collegiate have a penalty kick.


They pack the line-out again and win well, and get to 5m from the Tarleton line. They push over and score again, 19-5. not converted.


Tarleton kick off and Collegiate knock on. Tarleton have a scrum 10m out from the Collegiate line. Tarleton lose the scrum and the Collegiate runner takes 4 defenders with him. Collegiate try and kick but Ryan knocks it down but Tarleton are offside so it’s a Collegiate ball.


Tarleton defend solidly but Collegiate make good progress on every drive and make it to halfway fairly quickly. Another high tackle by Tarleton gives collegiate a penalty at halfway, They opt to run and make great progress. Matt makes a last ditch tackle and Tarleton hold them 10m out. Tarleton are standing off the tackles and Collegiate go in again. 24-5. Converted 26-5.




Collegiate kick off. Connor picks up well but is tackled well by Collegiate. Callum goes into contact but Collegiate steal. Logan steals it back and Tarleton kick from their own 20. It goes to halfway and Collegiate pick up well. Tarleton aren’t tackling well again and Collegiate make it to15m out. Ryan makes a strong tackle and Tarleton defend well. Hugo makes a good tackle then Logan makes a crashing tackle, but Collegiate are still in possession and are making progress. They

are approaching Tarleton’s line and make a lunge for the line but are held up. It’s a collegiate scrum.


5m out but Collegiate don’t wait and it’s a Tarleton penalty. Tarleton opt to run out but are stopped by a high tackle


Tarleton kick this time and the bounce is helpful, the ball going into touch just in front of the Collegiate player. Tarleton just manage the line-out and go on the attack, but collegiate stop them well and steal the ball. Luckily for Tarleton, Collegiate fumble a pass and knock on, so it’s a Tarleton scrum. Tarleton win the scrum well, to Connor, to Matt to Ryan who makes good yards before he’s stopped. Tarleton keep possession and make good progress and it goes to Ryan on the wing who comes around under the sticks to score, 26-10. No conversion.


Collegiate kick off and Harry picks up and runs well, but he stops and passes to Hugo who makes it to halfway. Collegiate steal and Tarleton are defending again. Max makes a good tackle but Collegiate are still on the attack. A good tackle from Nick and Tarleton are fighting a bit now. Still a few high tackles and the ref has

another word with Connor.


Collegiate have a penalty at halfway and run it. Tarleton are scrambling a bit and collegiate keep making yards….


Collegiate have a scrum which they win well and break away. Matt tackles the runner then Connor tackles the next one but Tarleton were offside so it’s a penalty to Collegiate which they kick to touch.


Collegiate take the line out and form a rolling maul which Tarleton take a while to stop. They roll off the back and Tarleton are scrambling again. Collegiate keep going back into the centre which gives Tarleton time to defend. Collegiate have a scrum 5m out and Tarleton are lining up on their own line. The number 8 picks and goes but doesn’t let go in the ruck and it’s a Tarleton penalty.


Ryan hoofs it to nearly halfway which relieves the pressure. Tarleton take the line-out and Connor passes to Logan who drives in hard. It goes to Matt then Ryan on the wing then to Harry and we’re back into Collegiate’s half again. Tarleton keep pushing on but Collegiate steal and Tarleton are defending again… the tackling is still poor but Collegiate knock on.


Its Tarleton’s scrum in Collegiate’s half and they win well. Nick makes a good drive but he’s turned in the ruck and Collegiate steal it back. Collegiate break and Hugo takes him into touch. Tarleton line-out just in our half and pass to Logan who makes a very good run, but support is slow, putting him under pressure. Ryan comes away and is tackled and knocks on.


It’s a Collegiate scrum which they win. Tarleton finally ruck over and win it back but

Collegiate were offside anyway so it’s a Tarleton penalty which Ryan kicks into touch at Collegiate’s 22. Tarleton pass from the line-out and Logan goes into contact. Matt goes in and Tarleton form a maul and drive towards the line. Hugo comes away and passes to Harry who goes over in the corner. 26-15. Not converted.


Collegiate do a short kick off and Tarleton knock on……..FULL TIME


Match Report & Photos:  P.Garrish & S.Garrish

Photos from the game