TRUFC Board Briefing

Management Reorganisation

A new management structure is being trialled led by a small Executive Board supported by three key divisions. Rugby (Chaired by Steve Gough) Finance (Chaired by Ian Jackson) and Operations (Chaired by Pauline Miller)

The Board comprises the Club’s principal office bearers supported by co-opted members Anthony Barton and Seamus Miller. It will be responsible for major policy decisions and forward planning.

Communication will be coordinated by the Board with the assistance of the three divisional Chairpersons. The three divisions will report to and be represented at future board meetings on their plans, work programmes and any major issues that may arise.

Financial Management Review

The Board has instigated a review of the Club’s financial management with the aim of improving efficiency and financial performance going forward. The review will include the club’s financial management structure, systems and procedures. The Club will be assisted in this regard by an external consultant with the requisite experience and expertise.

Balcony Project

The design and cost of the upstairs extension project is being value engineered with the aim of reducing the capital cost and funding requirement. Securing external grant aid is proving challenging due to the ‘social’ nature of the development works. This may result in the project being phased. There remains confidence that a scheme in whole or part will commence in June 2019.

Key Future Events

6TH April 2019 – Ladies Day to coincide with the ‘Grand National’ and the first XV match versus Rochdale RUC.

8TH June 2019 – Jonathan Skofic Annual Invitational Seven A Side Tournament and major club fund-raiser.

6TH July 2019 – TRIBIZA Outdoor Music Event and major club fund-raiser at Leisure Lakes with British Lion James Haskell and Radio 1 DJ Jordan North.

Bar and Catering Management

The Board are embarking on a recruitment process to secure the services of a professional bar and catering partner to develop this service and income stream. It is planned to have a partnership in place for the 2019/20 season. The Board will commence the process by advertising a job profile across the club’s internal communication network and social media platforms.

Membership Secretary

The Board are pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Wignall as membership secretary with specific responsibility for minis and junior’s registration. Tom will sit within the Finance group.

RFU League Restructure Proposals

The RFU continue their review of the Northern region league structure (level 6 and below) following last year’s break away by many of the Lancashire Clubs, ostensibly in protest over the excessive number of fixtures in Cumbria.

The RFU will be consulting with clubs over the next few weeks on various proposals with a view to implementing a new competitive structure for 2019/20. It looks as though the breakaway clubs would ideally wish to return and be incorporated within that structure.

Bar Regulations

There have been some recent reported instances of members or guests bringing alcohol on to the premises for personal consumption. This practice is contrary to club rules, reduces bar income and is unfair to other members supporting the bar. A notice will be displayed to reinforce this ruling.


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