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TRUFC – Clubhouse Redevelopment Plans

As you may already be aware, the Club’s EMC has been planning a substantial redevelopment of the clubhouse’s social facilities.

In order to fully scope and design the works, the Club has been working with Croft Goode Associates (Architects), who after detailed analysis and redrawing of the plans, have assisted in securing building regulation approval and amended planning approval for the development. The scope of the works now includes:

The installation of a platform lift for wheelchair bound members and guests;
Male, female and disabled toilet provision at first floor level,
Bar and cellar relocation and extension
Extended conference and function areas, serviced by a dumb waiter from the downstairs kitchen
A full length viewing balcony, incorporating a brick clad, second means of escape.

This design and programme of works will increase our legal licensing capacity from 60 persons to 150, allowing the Club to expand its reach within the community. enabling it to host larger external and internal functions and events. It also will provide greater opportunity and capacity for match day sponsorship and hospitality. It will substantially raise our game for income generation.

The design process itself came at a significant cost and we are grateful for the contributions made by the Skofic 7’s Committee and to a number of club sponsors, who have generously assisted with this process to date.

With the project works fully designed, we invited an approved list of six contractors to tender for the works under the guidance of Croft Goode Associates. On Monday 21st May, we received tender returns from four of the selected contractors.
Those tenders are now being appraised and checked to establish the lowest acceptable tender. What is apparent at this juncture is that the scale of the works and the resultant costs will require the EMC to develop a procurement strategy that is both affordable and deliverable.

The EMC was aware that a redevelopment on this scale would carry a significant price tag and would be a case of ‘speculating to accumulate’. Having received the tenders, the Club now has a robust platform upon which to quantify and secure the funding needed to finance the project through to completion.

This will include completing an application to the Rugby Football Foundation as well as securing support from other potential private/commercial and public funders. Once the tender evaluation process and negotiations are completed and our procurement plans are finalised, we shall advise members on the scale of works and our proposed commencement date.

In the meantime, to all of those that have assisted thus far, we are very grateful and reaffirm the EMC’s commitment to delivering this project in good time in order to secure a strong and sustainable financial future for the club.

Our teams on the pitches go from strength to strength and we look forward to more playing success next season. This project is key to the club’s development and we shall report further at the club’s AGM on the 11th of June.

Hugh Patterson



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