Playing management of the Club have engaged in a number of meetings this and last week, with regards the 3rd team and unprecedented unavailability and injuries along with players leaving to go to university and other clubs.  We have had no alternative other than to make an extremely tough decision, but the right one for the club, to withdraw the 3rd team from their league for this season.

We have contacted the league secretary to advise him of this decision and the 3rd team has now been removed from NW4 North, and the secretariat have proved accommodating and understanding of our current position.

The intention is to approach clubs to play friendly games to ensure we continue to give game time to available players and continue player development at all levels.

The details for playing friendly games are in Facebook site, but we will also be contacting clubs directly.

We are also going to encourage Colts to play in these games where it is deemed right as part of their development transition to senior rugby and where their transition weekends allow. The dates when we can invite eligible colts are listed below and will support the transition of the colts to senior rugby.

17 November
1 December
12 January
2 February
16 February
1 March
Other dates may be available but much will depend on our Colts cup run, which we anticipate will go very well.

Regarding the colts, we have scheduled a meeting of colts and parents on Sunday 24th November, at which we will explain the circumstances in detail, and show how the club proposes to support the transition from 16 to 18 and onwards to senior rugby.

Finally and additionally I have met with Kelly, Ryan and Paul on Thursday to discuss the coaching aspects and what support they need from the club to assist in the development and transition of colts to seniors.

Best regards.

Steve Gough

Head Coach TRUFC

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