🚨 TRUFC – Coronavirus Update 13th March 2020 🚨

The Club’s management is acutely aware of the impacts that Coronavirus is having on the public and sporting events.

As the health, wellness and safeguarding of our entire membership, whether playing, volunteering or supporting is of paramount importance to us, we have consulted the RFU at this time.

Their response can be found in the following link:


Additionally we understand from the RFU following earlier dialogue that, although it is currently business as usual, further updates will be made available in what is emerging as a fast evolving situation.

So far, there have been no recommendations from the RFU to stop training or playing rugby because of coronavirus, however if this changes we will advise as soon as is possible.

What the Club does recommend is that all players are encouraged to wash thoroughly, especially their hands after playing, and again before eating, thus observing proactive hygiene standards.

Further updates will follow, as they are posted on the RFU websites and the situation unfolds.


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